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Any great ideas for the first week of school?

I am going to begin with a scavenger hunt from my Kagan Training then get into my Skippy Jon Jones Unit.  Anyone have any exciting ideas to begin 2nd grade for kick off to writing!?

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Read "The Important Book" and have them write one about themselves! First, do a class book together about why the class/grade/year is special to model the process. Then have them each write one. I've done this before, and it worked well.

Rita,  I know you posted this a couple of years ago, but would you please provide more details about your lesson?  It sounds like a wonderful way to start the year.   I am a 4th grade teacher in CA hoping to improve my writing instruction and implementing some of the WritingFix ideas and lessons. I'm working on stocking my classroom with a few good mentor texts to use with 6-Traits writing instruction.  Thx!

I love my "Giving Hands/Taking Hands" lesson for the first week of school: http://corbettharrison.com/lessons/Giving-Hands-and-Taking-Hands.htm

The year before, we did the "Presenting Me!" lesson: http://corbettharrison.com/lessons/Presenting-Me.htm

I hope those help.

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