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Each year between 2009 and 2013, we  sponsored a digital photo contest for students and their teachers at the WritingFix website.  Students and their teachers are challenged to capture digital images (candid or posed) that would encourage a student writer to compose a poem or story about the picture.


We want to bring this annual contest back!  Each June, we will look at all new photos submitted in the past year and post the four best new ones at the site for thousands of other students to be inspired by.


In the past, our winning photographers each received a $25 Amazon Gift Card, but 2012 is the year the NNWP completely lost its federal budget.  The only prize we can offer (which is still a pretty good prize) is making your students' photographs world famous, as tens of thousands of teachers and students access our Photo Prompt page every year.  Other students from around the world will also be able to share/post writing they did inspired by the winning photographs, and that's a pretty cool prize in its own rights.


When Posting:  Please be sure to indicate whether you're posting a student entry or a teacher entry when adding your photos, and if it's a student entry, include the grade level of the student.  Post no student last names please!  Our goal is to keep our students safe.


How Do I Post?  In order to post, you will need to become a member of this group at our Ning.  If you are not a member, simply click the "+Join Photos to Inspire Writing" link in the upper right-hand corner of this page.  To post, simply attach the digital photo as an attachment in the "Reply to This" box below; you won't see the "Reply to This" box below if you are not a member of this group.  To attach the photo, use the "Image" button, which is right next to the button that says "Link."


If you have trouble adding your photo, please contact me at corbett@corbettharrison.com 


Thanks for your interest in this contest!


--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Creator & Webmaster

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