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Replies to This Discussion

“Cloudy with a Chance of Food!” – By Dayla S, 6th Grade


One morning I woke up to hail hitting the window. I looked outside and it turned out to be rice! Then it stopped and drizzled a bit. I looked outside and it was raining gravy! So I went down to the kitchen and asked my sis if she would check outside or look out the window. She told me, “Yes, it is raining gravy and hailing rice!” Then I walked back upstairs and watched out the window and it started to thunderstorm steak, and then it was a wonderful day!

Cloudy with a Chance of Pancakes

By Abree, Second Grade


One hot summer day at Krabey Abby, sweet pancakes, greasy bacon, and scrumptious orange juice was falling from the beautiful blue sky.  Grandma ran outside to see what was going on and got hit in the head with a pancake.  After a while Grandma and Grandpa went in the living room and sat in their soft chair to watch the news.  The news said that lunch was going to fall in minute.  So Grandma and Grandpa went to the kitchen and got their forks, spoons, plates, and cups.  Next they went outsie and caught delicious spaghetti, green juicy beans, and creamy milk.  Then Grandma and Grandpa put their food in their picnic basket, grabbed their blanket, and went to the park.  They finished their food and played together.  Soon, squishy lasagna, steamy hard cabbage, and chocolate milk fell from the sky and everybody ate it up.  Then they went home and washed their hands and went to bed.  The next day everything was back to normal and everybody said yay!   

Cloudy with a Chance Eggs

By Ethan, Second Grade


Id was a Saturday morning in the town of Eat and Chew when Ethan noticed that breakfast was falling from the blue sky.  It was raining sticky hashbrowns, tasty eggs, and wonderful toast.  "I love when it rains breakfast" said Ethan.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Later that afternoon lunch fell quickly from the blue sky.  Huge chicken, fantastic fries, and red ketchup dropped on everyone's heads.  Everyone screamed and ran away.  When it stopped falling people came out and ate the food.  Next it thundered dinner.  Orange sauce, delicious hamburgers, and red pasta came falling from the gray clouds.  Suddenly the food slapped everybody in the face.  They all got mad.  So they ran to a different town and didn't go to Eat and Chew for a year. 

Cloudy with a Chance of Apples

By Kevin, Second Grade


On Sunday morning it was so nice in Eatsville when scrambled eggs fell down on top of everybody's plates.  So they all tasted the food.  It was so delicious!  Soon lunch fell down.  Super delicious cheeseburgers, soft chicken tenders, and red apples rained down from the clouds.  Everybody ate the lunch.  Next smelly fish, fried rice, and peanuts sprinkled down from the sky.  It was a terrible dinner because a giant peanut broke the entire school.  Finally everybody ran to a shelter until the food storm passed. 


By: Steve and Federico (Fifth Grade)

“In 3 days Crunches & Munches will leave the atmosphere” said a scientist. Willy and his grandpa nervously listened.  Willy said, “But Grandpa what’s happening here?” Grandpa answered “there´s too much food decomposing so the soil is getting bigger.”  The T.V. interrupted “Stay at home for breakfast because there will be a crepe storm” the volume got higher “giant food will rain for 3 days”.

Willy walked to school and found out the homework of Mr. Poe was to make a prototype to save Crunches & Munches.  When Willy got home it was raining sticky crepes and juicy orange juice.  The ground was covered with smelly bananas because at 7:20 to 7:45 every morning there were huge banana storms.  Willy arrived home safely.

At home Willy started developing a prototype. It was almost time for dinner when a salty opaque meat hit the window and then fell into a river of apple juice. The apple juice rained down and grandpa cried “I hope the apple juice will help the crepes. Hehehe!”.  Healthy broccoli fell from the sky, straight down and it stood up like little trees.  Willy got out and ate “Delicious food” said Willy.

Willy worked for hours and finally his prototype was finished before he went to bed a delicious sandwich with smelly cheese and smelly bread fell from the sky, sweet milo arrived to shore by a colorful tsunami on the fabulous beaches, ripe tomatoes fell from the sky.  Willy ate and went to sleep.

“It´s time for school,” Grandpa said. Willy ran with his prototype but when he arrived another student was showing one that was more fantastic than Willy´s one, but when Mr Poe turned it on it didn’t work because in Crunches and Munches there are always clouds.

Willy ran to his house, where he had his prototype, and turned it on. It started suctioning food and teleporting it to another galaxy and no one knows what happened.  Years later Willy told everyone the truth and he was considered a hero. 

Falling Food
By: Valentina and Mariana

One day in Tragicrodi City, Victoria and Delfina were at school and they were thinking about lunch when the school started to rumble. All the kids yelled,”What’s happening?” Then it started to rain breakfast food like delicious pancakes. After that it started to rain juicy orange juice, but at the end, eggs rained down. Victoria and Delfina asked why it was raining food but they didn’t pay too much attention to it because they had a lot of homework.

After 3 strange weeks at lunch time it started to rain the biggest chicken you’ve ever seen. There was tremendous damage in the city because of the huge food. Every scientist that studied weather was trying to find out what was happening.

After school Victoria and Delfina went to their house. Victoria and Delfina were watching T.V. when the weather people informed the public about important news. “We found monsters in the sky throwing out food,” said the announcer. Victoria and Delfina put on their shoes and asked themselves, why the monsters were doing that. Then Delfina said, ”I think the monsters are doing that because they do not like food.” Victoria said, “I don’t think so, it’s because we are not taking care of the planet.” Then they took a look and Victoria was right the city was in complete disorder.

Victoria and Delfina said to NASA if they could give them a rocket to go talk to the mosters. So the next day they were packing their things so they could get there and talk to them. They said, “Let’s do a treaty so we have a better world.” The monsters agreed. So they stopped throwing food and then everything went back to normal.





"The World of Chomp 'n Drink" By: Justin, 3rd Grade Writer

Welcome to the World of Chomp 'n Drink. At 8:00 am in the morning I woke up and went outside for breakfast. The clouds were big and gray. All of a sudden delicious sticky pancakes, with a side of sizzling bacon and pucker-face orange juice crashed to the ground.

Later, after breakfast, there weren't a lot of clouds in the sky, but the was almost black. We didn't know what was coming, but then I heard a thunderous rumbling noise. Suddenly there was a whole pack of splattering bacon cheeseburgers and golden fries, followed by a bubbly coke. The villagers came running at once to catch the meals on there plates.

A little while later, dinner was almost here. This time the skies were clear and blue. Then, rich teriyaki chicken, and overstuffed steak with steamy Japanese rice fell from the sky. POW! The villagers washed it all down with super-sour Shirley Temples.

The last meal of the day in Chomp 'n Drink was dessert. It was late at night and the land of Chomp 'n Drink heard a strange noise. All of a sudden big 'n creamy ice-cream sundaes, with drippy chocolate-covered strawberries, along with crunchy Kit Kats came flying in from the Northeast! In Chomp 'n Drink it hard work to catch your food on your plates, and everybody gets really tired, so they all went to bed. Beware of tomorrow! 

In the Land of Falling Food  

By: Banner B. 3rd Grade Writer

In the land of falling food by the time the people started to wake up, food was already falling from the sky. The people got out of bed and started eating. For breakfast there were delicious pancakes with sticky but tasty syrup. There were also runny eggs bouncing all over the place with creamy hot chocolate topped – off with whipped cream. The people were in heaven.

Seven hours later came lunch falling from the sky. Now it was healthy: turkey sandwiches with crunchy potato chips, and icy water that felt like it was frozen for a million years! After that everyone was so full they could not even eat a crumb! Five hours later came dinner, with juicy steaks bouncing all over the walls! For the side, there was greasy and steaming hot broccoli. Luckily, they had icy sweet tea to cool their tongues off.

Two hours after came dessert with your choice of apple pie, ice cream or a root beer float. The apple pie was nice and crunchy to eat. It was as if the ice cream running up and down peoples doorways ringing the door bell saying, “Eat me, eat me, I’m so sweet. “ While the root beer float was falling right into people’s hands. Even though it was messy, it was tasty because of the whipped cream! It was so delicious. All the people wondered what was for breakfast tomorrow.                        

3 Meal Weather

By Genesis E. 3rd Grade Author

In the land of Foodville, everything was perfect. Before The villagers woke up, their food was already falling. It rained sizzling bacon. It snowed fluffy buttermilk biscuits, then it rained sweetened milk. The villagers’ lives in Foodville were perfect!

It was lunch time and the villagers walked out with their plates,forks and knives as it rained rich mac ’n cheese. It hailed red juicy stakes, and then a downpour of tangy, sticky orange soda was last to hit the ground.

When the villagers woke up from their noon nap, dinner was already falling. It rained cheese-stuffed shells, and steaming broccoli, with sugary sweet grape juice.

After dinner came dessert. Dessert was rainbow jelly-beans, chocolate covered strawberries, and last-but-not- least came vanilla ice-cream cones. But little did they know, a big change was coming. That big change was that the next day, and every day then on, they would be able to pick what they wanted to eat, each day at the town meeting. Foodville was perfect!




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