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Could someone just please help me schedule in writing workshop/ reading workshop and time for mini lessons on close reading and grammar practice? I'm reinventing the wheel each year. I see my 4 classes for 1 hour each day in a 4 day rotating block schedule, but I could just do a mon-fri schedule. There is another 30 min ick of home I could use for reading workshop but 3 classes would be with homeroom teachers not me.

I like the 10 min. Sacred writing time as a do now for 4 days and day 5 bring writing workshop. Now how else to scedule do both me and my students are on the SAME PAGE?

Help is much appreciated.

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I would like help too! I get my kids for 55 minutes each day. All I know is I will start with the 10 minute write. But when to do grammar , writing, core novels???

How about for the other 45 minutes?  I only have them for 15 more minutes every OTHER day, and we get all that stuff in...plus we almost all pass our 8th grade writing test.

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