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Revision is one of the most important steps of the writing process, and one that unfortunately gets neglected in classrooms, especially when our planned lesson takes longer than we had anticipated.  Admit it.  This has happened to all of us.


We know many teachers use the lessons posted at WritingFix, and we hope all users try really hard to take the extra time to teach revision authentically, especially when the students really seem to be enjoying the writing they're doing.


In August of 2010, we are launching a new way for teacher users to "share back" with our site.  This new sharing-back-with-us technique centers around posting any original ideas for inspiring authentic revision.  If you create some sort of tool or write-up for an original revision idea or an original adaptation to an original revision idea, and then apply it to one of WritingFix's lessons, then we want to be in contact with you.


For us to look it over, you will need to post the tool/write-up in the box beneath where you see "Reply to This."  You can paste your write-up or explain your tool/idea right in the box below, or you can add it as an attachment by using the "upload files" button.  Be sure to tell us which lesson at WritingFix you used (or plan to use) this tool with.  And save your student work associated with the revision lesson; if we post your idea actually over at WritingFix, we'll want to see student samples in the form of photos, scans, or typed pieces of writing.


If you share here and your idea is accepted to be posted over at WritingFix, we will contact you, and you will be able to choose any title from the NNWP's Print Publications List.  We send these popular resources out as our way of saying "Thanks for taking the time to give back to an educational site that continually gives to others."


Keep teaching writing with both your head and your heart!


--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster

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