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A friend of mind and I both teach in juvenile halls... Scott is in Butte County, CA and I am in Fresno County, CA. We have a writing exchange and post student work on a blog. Names are not given for legal reasons and because the students reveal personal things about themselves. We have been posting our our blog for several years with great buy-in from the students. Scott and I develop over the summer the prompts for each month of school for the coming year. The students write to the prompt going through the writing process and each teacher picks the best writing to be shared on the blog. We use the published writing to read with our students and talk about the writing. We are looking for websites that would post a link to our blog in order for more people to see what our students can do. Take a look at our blog and let me know what your thoughts are and if you would like to participate. The blog is www.writeyourtruth.blogspot.com

Scott is a special education teacher in Chico and I am an English and history teacher in Fresno.

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