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A lot of writing programs that schools purchase come with their own graphic organizers, and these are fine for beginning teachers.  A seasoned teacher who has learned to teach writing (as opposed to simply asssign it) rarely accepts the graphic organizers designed by others; a great writing teacher is constantly adapting--even with the tiniest of tweaks--the graphic organizers of others.


Want to know where you are with graphic organizers?  Here's a little test. If you look through a book like this one (at right), and you find yourself--more often than not--saying "That's a good graphic organizer, butt here's how I'd change it," then you have become a seasoned teacher of writing.  If you find yourself Xeroxing and using the organizers straight out of the book more often than not, then you're still a beginning teacher of writing; that's not a bad thing, but it might be indicative that you could focus some professional goals around becoming better with your use of g.o.'s.


See, when you become a well-seasoned teacher of writing, you find yourself giving books like this one away to the newly hired teachers at your school, and you find yourself mostly designing your own graphic organizers from scratch!


This post invites those well-seasoned teachers of writing who have created their own graphic organizers from scratch to share them with us.  G.O.'s can be attached in the "Reply to this" box below as documents or as photographs.  If you don't see the "Reply to this" box, you need to first click on the "+Join Better Graphic Organizer Exchange" link above this post; look in the upper right-hand corner for that link.


For 2011, we're creating a teacher-built library of original graphic organizers at WritingFix.  Only teachers who post their graphic organizers here will be eligible for having them become part of our WritingFix library.  If you post yours, and we choose it, you will be allowed to choose any of the NNWP Print Guides as your "thank you gift" for sharing back with our site.


We hope you're inspired to share the graphic organizers you have designed to inspire great writing from your students!


--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster

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