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Tucker's first puppy shots today!  We have the sweetest vet in the world, but he glared at her after she gave him that shot.  It's amazing what emotion you can catch in an animal's eyes when they are feeling emotions.  At right is the picture of the week...sorry if you're getting sick of seeing little Tucker!  I know not everyone is a dog person, and if he doesn't stop waking me up four times a night to play with him, I may not be much of a dog person anymore by this time next week!  Ha!


Here come this week's prompts.

Monday: "Have you ever drowned in an ocean of words?  Stumbled through a desert of doubt?  Been lost in a forest of good intentions?  Creatively write about you (or a character) in an interesting geography."

Tuesday: "Do you like that sound?  Think of sleeping bags, windbreakers and winter jackets.  Write a piece that begins and ends with the sound of a zipper."

Wednesday: It's National "Get a New Name" day!  Would you change your name if you could, and why?  Or what would be the coolest new name you could give yourself?  This prompt idea came from our Sacred Writing PowerPoint Slides for February!

Thursday: A Start & Stop Poem begins and ends with the same word, phrase, clause, sentence, or stanza.  Here are some start and stop poems from my writer's notebook: http://corbettharrison.com/images/lesson_images/stick-start&sto...  Can you write a Start & Stop Poem about a topic that's REALLY important to you?

Friday: "How would you greet yourself?  Write about your alter ego, your long-lost clone, or your evil twin as if he/she was a person you could meet on the street."

Saturday: "Too white?  Too black?  Too gray?  Write about a place you once visited that was too much of one of those colors."

Have a great week, writing/teaching friends.

--Corbett & Dena Harrison

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