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Presidents' Day Weekend!  In fourth grade, I remember writing a terribly plagiarized report on Thomas Jefferson; the plagiarizing was unintentional, and Jeffersonian philosophies were a bit above my fourth grade ability to comprehend, but he's still my favorite president.  Who's yours?


Here come this week's prompts.

Monday: "Write about a memory that's inspired by the word 'presidential' or just 'president.'"

Tuesday: "Where might you send it?  Address and write a letter of complaint directly to a book (not its author) that you were forced to read and really hated."

Wednesday: It's National "Love Your Pet" day!  Which of your own pets (past or present) would make the best character in a story?  Or--if you don't have any pets of your own--who had an interesting pet that would make an interesting character in a story?

Thursday: "Is it the time or tide keeping that person back?  Write about someone impatiently (or patiently) waiting for someone else.  What goes through his/her head?"

Friday: "Who is a bird-brain?  Think about all the birds you've seen--from songbirds to hunters.  Compare one or more people you know to different types of birds in a piece of writing."

Saturday: "What could you write about?  List 25 persons, places, or things you would like to write about some day.  Then, choose one and WRITE!!!!  Save the others for another day."

Have a great week, writing/teaching friends.


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