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Had a fun week of grading projects...not!  Actually, my students did a great job creating "metaphorical maps" (inspired by Bill Joel's "River of Dreams" song) for characters from The Jungle and Flowers for Algernon.  For the most part, my students have mastered the metaphor!


Here come this week's prompts.

Monday: "How many marching bands is too many?  Write about someone watching a parade that has lasted too long."

Tuesday: "Did you plug your nose?  Write about something strange you've eaten."

Wednesday: "Who taught you close to nothing?  Write about the teacher who had the least impact on you."

Thursday: "Did they fold the end of the toilet paper?  Write about the last, first, or worst time you stayed in a hotel."

Friday: "Why were they interesting?  Write about a person you know who has the most interesting eyes, teeth, hair, nose, OR ears."

Saturday: "What's last week's genre?  Think of all the types of movies out there--from comedies to action flicks to romances or film noirs.  Which type of film would something you did last week BEST be portrayed with?  Write a description of the opening (or any) scene from your imagined film."

Have a great week, writing/teaching friends.


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