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Tucker (the puppy) is improving as a sleeper at night, but wow, we need him to lose those razor-sharp puppy teeth he still uses.  I can see why his momma was ready to have this one be weaned, and my two adult boy dogs (Pudge and Bentley) are tired of him trying to nurse on the "wein" thing that hangs from their bellies.

You can kind of see those sharp little teeth in the attached picture this week!  Even when he's sleeping, they look a little dangerous.


Here come this week's prompts.

Monday: "Why was it important to you?  Tell the story of an important moment (your first award, for example) as though it was happening in slow motion."

Tuesday: It's National Weatherman day!  Can you write an entry that cleverly uses a weatherman's voice/vocabulary to talk about something that isn't the weather?  This idea came from our Sacred Writing PowerPoint Slides for February!

Wednesday: Also in response to the February 5th slide above--click on the image and look at the quote of the day from yesterday--are you more of a poet or are you more of a poem?  Explain in a piece of writing!

Thursday: "Who do you suppose the dye job was really for?  Write about someone who has obviously dyed his/her hair."

Friday: Write a Start & Stop Poem about something that has happened to you this week.  What's a Start & Stop Poem, you ask.  Check it out:  http://corbettharrison.com/lessons/Start-and-Stop-Poems.htm  If you write a good one, I'd love to see it posted below in the "reply box"!

Saturday: "Did you know what it was before opening it?  Write about a time you received something unexpected in the mail."

Have a great week, writing/teaching friends.

--Corbett & Dena Harrison

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