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I celebrated my forty-fifth birthday yesterday by finally taking down the Christmas tree and puppy-proofing our house.  Yes, we picked out a puppy last weekend, and he should be coming home next weekend to meet his new family.  Our students are suggesting names for him, and they've actually given us some pretty good ones.


Here come this week's prompts.

Monday: "Where was the recipe?  Tell the story of a mistake made in the kitchen."

Tuesday: "How does that particular memory truly represent him/her?  Write down a favorite memory you associate with someone long gone, but choose a memory that this person would be proud to know is one you choose to remember him/her with."

Wednesday: "What fuels that electricity?  Write about someone with 'electric eyes.'  What are they seeing or feeling?"

Thursday: "Was it said to you by a good teacher...or a bad one?  Write about something memorable a teacher once said to you."

Friday: "A bad case of gout?  Cataracts?  Write about a character from a book or television show that you associate with your childhood. Write about that character becoming old."

Saturday: "Was it good, or did it take years before you could try it again? Write about a time an adult forced you to eat something you didn't want to."

Have a great week, writing friends.


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