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Amazing how tiring it is to be the full-time owner of a young puppy.  Our new addition--Tucker--has no idea how to sleep through an entire evening quite yet.  He wants to wake up every three hours and play for an hour before he'll get tired again.  

Would I trade this sleep-depriving experience for anything?  Heck no.  This little guy is going to love us unconditionally and be the greatest "cuddle bug" we've ever had as a dog.  That all begins because we have had this little fellow in our arms for two weeks already.

We took him on three walks around the block today.  I've never had a puppy take to the leash as quickly as this one.


Here come this week's prompts.

Monday: "Where's your telephoto lens?  Write a piece that starts with a zoomed-in close-up on something, then slowly pulls back so the reader sees something different or unexpected."

Tuesday: "Do you care how much per word they charge in the newspaper?  Write about two or three things you hope someone remembers to say when they are writing your obituary in the distant future."

Wednesday: "What does a scream tell you?  Write about a time you were with someone who screamed."

Thursday: "Where does simple stop and complicated begin?  Write about three of your simple pleasures and make them come across to your reader as VERY important."

Friday: "What vocation would you do on vacation?  Write about you doing a job that you never have done but think would be interesting."

Saturday: "Did you happen to have sunglasses handy?  Write about a time when the light really hurt your eyes."

Have a great week, writing/teaching friends.


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