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Posted a day late last week, so I'll balance the universe back by posting a day early this week.  Actually, we're going on a road trip tomorrow to meet some Westie puppies out at a rural ranch here in Northern Nevada...we still have a hole in hearts after losing our Ozzy at Thanksgiving.

I still love the way Ozzy looks like he was smiling in this last photo we took of him.  He was always our tough dog, and to remember him "smiling" even though the cancer was hurting him, is awesome.

You can never really replace a dog, but we're going to go smell some puppies' breath tomorrow and see if our hearts can mend a little.


Here come this week's prompts.

Monday: "Did they keep to themselves?  Write about one of your neighbors (past or present).  Speculate on what type of people they are (or were)."

Tuesday: "What five images paint a perfect picture of Christmas or winter morning to you?  Put those five images together in a piece of writing."

Wednesday: "Why that color? You are asked by God to create a new flower. Describe what it looks like, smells like, feels like and what insects are attracted to it."

Thursday: "What does Sunday feel like?  Write a poem or paragraph (or whatever) that explains your opinion of and emotions felt for the seven separate days of the week."

Friday: "Where were you when you read it last?  Remember a favorite book from your childhood.  Write a scene that includes you and an old copy of that book you find somewhere."

Saturday: "Is silence really golden?  Write about a time when silence or quiet played an important role."

Have a great week, writing friends.


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