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Happy St. Patrick's Day...I had a great afternoon playing Balderdash with my family at my Mom's house.  Hope your day was great too.


Here come this week's prompts.  You can always find different ones at my website here: http://corbettharrison.com/writers_notebooks.html#topics

Monday: "Did it teach you anything?  Write the story of a time when someone fooled you."

Tuesday: "Do you like it like Mikey?  Write a scene, story, poem, or whatever with just you and a breakfast cereal as the characters."

Wednesday: "Why does weather have to be wet?  Write a story or poem that begins and ends with rain or fog."

Thursday: "Who from your early childhood would you contact first, if you had the time to do so.  Write about that person."

Friday: "What smells the warmest? (Don't be literal)  Create an imaginary potpourri flavor that would inspire good memories when smelled by you.  What ingredients make up your potpourri?  Write out the recipe."

Saturday: "Which old item would make a better description?  Write about finding a rusty lock or a rusty locket."

Have a great week, writing/teaching friends.

--Corbett Harrison

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