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Author/Teacher Donald H. Graves once suggested that--when the writing process is truly being honored by a writer--it wouldn't be uncommon for the writer to spend 85% of his/her time during the pre-writing step.  That's a huge number, and those of us who consider pre-writing to simply be clustering, brainstorming, and/or the filling out a graphic organizer are probably falling way short of the 85% suggested by the great Graves.


In truth, very few teachers can probably brag and say they actually hit (or even come close to) the 85% target when they teach a writing lesson, but that doesn't mean we all shouldn't set 85% as a personal or professional goal.  It makes intuitive sense that more pre-writing (done at a higher level of Bloom's taxonomy) would lead to better student rough drafts, which would then lead to better revision and publishing.


And so...we are challenging our teacher-users of WritingFix to increase the number of deep-thinking tools they use to instruct students during pre-writing.  We are challenging teachers, if they are inspired, to share brief write-ups of pre-writing inspiration that we can post over at WritingFix.


Underneath this post, you can submit a brief write-up for something you do to push higher-level thinking from your students during pre-writing.  Anything you ask your students to do (talking to each other, analyzing a mentor text or teacher model, evaluating a student model, etc.) before they pull out a piece of lined paper and start drafting can be shared here.  Be creative.  Be aware of the higher level verbs of Bloom's taxomony: apply, analyze, evaluate, create.  Explain your idea/technqiue well-enough that a teacher who doesn't know you could makee sense of your idea.  That's what we're looking for here.


If your write-up is accepted and we move it over to the WritingFix Pre-Writing Page, we will send you a complimentary copy of one of the NNWP Print Guides.


To post, you can type your write-up directly in the "Reply to this" box below; or you can attach it as a document.  If you do not see the "Reply to this" box, it is because you are not yet a member of this group at the ning.  To become a member, simply click on the "+Join Deeper with Bloom's Taxonomy" link near the upper right-hand corner of this page.


Thanks in advance to those of you who want to share your ideas back with WritingFix!


--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster

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