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...sharing thoughtful, mentor text-inspired lessons your students will love!

If, inspired by WritingFix's Post-it Note Page, you've created an original way to use our Post-its to help your students think deeply about reading or writing, why not share with us?


You can post a brief write-up that explains how you used the Post-its in an innovative way below this requestin the "Reply to this" box.


If we end up moving the idea you share over to the WritingFix website, we will send you a complimentary NNWP Print Guides as our way of saying thanks for sharing and helping us build a repository of Post-it note tools.


To post, you must join our "Deeper with Blooms" group at the ning.  If you do not see the "Reply to This" box below this post, it is because you are not yet a member of this exchange group.  To become a member, simply look for the "+Join Deeper with Blooms" link in the upper right portion of this screen.  Click on that and then you'll be able to post!


Thanks for sharing!  This is a great opportunity to become a genuine part of the WritingFix website!


--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster

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