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If, inspired by WritingFix's Post-it Note Page, you've created an original post-it note that you've used to foster deep student thinking, we'd love for you to share it here!


You can post a template you created in Word, or you can share a digital photograph of your Post-it note.


If we end up moving the tool you share over to the WritingFix website, we will send you a complimentary NNWP Print Guides as our way of saying thanks for sharing and helping us build a repository of Post-it note tools.


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Thanks for sharing!  This is a great opportunity to become a genuine part of the WritingFix website!


--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster

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After using the persuasive writing post-its, I worked with the social studies teachers to develop a post-it note for DBQs.  I think they work equally well as a checklist (did I remember everything) and for goal setting for revision.


Sheri Barsottelli

Literacy Coach


Many of my ESOL students need reminding of the definition of the parts of speech. I have developed sticky notes to help remind them. We place them in their writer's notebooks for future reference.





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