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We are getting close to another school year. When I was a child, this was my absolute favorite time of year. I lived back East then and school started in September when the seasons changed. There was a snap to the air, new clothes, fresh paper, pens, pencils.....I couldn't wait. Do kids still get excited about school starting? What preparations do you make in your classrooms for new students and a new school year? Are you looking forward to it or dreading the end of summer? Any great ice breakers to share?

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One icebreaker I like to use is a variation of the ancient "What did you all do this summer." Have the critters take turns, and they have to say something they did that they think no one else might have done. Once a "thing" is mentioned, the other students have to come up with something else.

Personally, I can't wait to get back into the classroom!
What state are you in? When does school start for you?
Georgia, and the beginning of August.

Dani Aldrich said:
What state are you in? When does school start for you?




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