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For more information about the contest see Numberfix!


The Northern Nevada Writing Project’s

2012 Digital Math Photography Contest


Contest Theme:  A picture that raises mathematical questions—or images that would inspire a problem to solve!


Contest Rules:

  • All photos must be original digital photos that can be e-mailed to the contest coordinator.  Photos may be submitted directly to the website; however, it is required that students join the Ning in order to submit.  Students are encouraged to submit through their teachers who can join the educational Ning.
  • All photos must have a question or problem written and placed on the picture.
  • Photos will be judged using the following criteria: 
    • How well the problem uses the picture (see theme from above)
    • How engaging is the problem?
    • How complex is the problem (are there multiple ways to solve it)?
  • Photos that show human faces must be accompanied by a signed release form from its human subjects, which will give the NNWP permission to publish the image at its website.  Photos of minors must have the signature of parent or legal guardian.  The release form can be found on the contest’s website, or teachers may e-mail the contest coordinator to receive a release form.  Release forms should be faxed the same day the photo is submitted through e-mail.
  • Content of the photos must be appropriate for student mathematicians of all ages. 
  • Contest Deadline: May 19, 2012
  • A winner will be chosen to be posted at the WritingFix and Making Mathematicians websites:   A winner will be chosen from Elementary entries, Middle school entries, and High School entries, each receiving a $25 Amazon Gift Card.
The winning students’ teachers will receive a Homework Resource Guide, Compare/Contrast Guide, and A Writing Across the Curriculum Guide--all are publications created by the Northern Nevada Writing Project!

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