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We have a new Marshfield Dreams-inpired prompt that will debut December 1 in a teacher workshop as well as on-line as December's Prompt of the Month!

Link to prompt: http://writingfix.com/process/Revision/Marshfield_Dreams_Revision.htm

It challenges students to write about a time they ate (or saw someone else eat) something unusual, which kids love to write about! Then it studies Fletcher's chapter called "Eating the World" and challenges the students to add/revise a few sentences based on the author's easily-imitated craft skills.

I'd like a student sample (or two) before it goes live on December 1st...If any of you in this network use the prompt and send us student samples (see bottom of the link's page for details), I'll make sure the NNWP sends you something nice for your classroom.

Enjoy November!


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