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In the latest Storyworks magazine, there was a story about elephants and how a group of people in Africa are creating homes for orphan elephants due to the recent poaching. At the end of the article was a poem called, Same Hands. The poem discussed how the same hands that kill elephants are the same hands that nurse the injured back to life. It was my goal to have students model this poem and create their own poem.  What happened after this assignment was given no teacher could have planned.

A student wrote a poem about bullies of the present and ten years later. When reading the poem you could hear a pin drop in the classroom and there was silence once the poem was over. Throughout the day I read the poem to all my classes and it had the same result... silence. I decided I would write back to this student as if I was the bully, and then another class wrote back ten years later. I must say this was one of the most exciting moment in my teaching career to see how students took this to heart.

Below is the first poem and then my response:



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