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An enjoyable activity for my students! They couldn't wait to get started on their Alpha-Topics notebook page.  I changed from genre to topics for now.  I think I will do one with genres later in the year.


by Darius


by Kayla


It is great to see my students (ALL of them) excited about using their Writing Notebooks and the Alpha Boxes. Here are some examples from our 6th grade class.





Ursula, a fifth grade teacher, sent the following examples (Wow!) from her classroom.  Thanks...

You mentioned you'd like to see some teacher pages....so, this is my own "teacher model."  I ordered the mentor text and am planning to use this idea at the start of the school year.  Thank you for the great idea.


I told my student that I wish I had her artistic talents! 

This is the second year I have done this lesson with my fifth graders and I am pleased to say that the results keep getting better!  My students couldn't wait to share their final two-page spreads.  Take a peek at a few examples from our class:

by Giola

by CJ

by Danielle

This lesson once again created such enthusiasm for writing in my fifth grade classroom!  We had many great notebook entries.  I've included a few stellar examples:

by Ellie

by Victoria

by Riya

My 6th grade students thought that the only fair way to decide whose Alpha-Box Creations were submitted for possible publishing was to hold a contest. Out of 142 entries, we first voted for 19 finalists, and then voted again for these winners!

This popcorn-themed one was created by Ashten,

this tree-themed one by Aleah,


Notice the great artwork on this one by Alexuss,

and this rainbow-themed one by Amelia.


Finally, Alyssa had some intriguing topics.

All our winners' names started with the letter "A"...How's that for coincidence?


by Tori, grade 7 by Amanda, grade 7




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