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Gay Wah  - third grade

I float down the river in China and I see the panda. He eats bamboo because the panda look to me and the Panda eat and eat. Then the panda went back home. The next animal is a fish, but the fish was not happy because the cat tried to catch the fish. The fish tried to escape the cat. The last animal I saw was the lion. He was hunting a fish. I went down the river to my home. I was happy!

Hang - third grade


Kenya - third grade

Once upon a time I was floating down a river in Jamaica. I saw an elektrik eel. It was swimming around. Then I saw a black and blue crockadile. It was walking on the side of the river bank. After that, I saw a big fish. It was swimming. It was red with black spots Then I saw a bald eagle eating a fish. The bald eagle was brown and its beak was yellow and it had a white head. Then I got out of the boat. Then I walked back to my hotel.




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