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I used this lesson in my classroom last month, and students really enjoyed it. Here are two great student responses from my seventh graders.

Andra Irwin, teacher

Ashtyn P.
6th Grade

The Long Journey Home

They sat wondering how they were going to cross the river, get over the mountains, and travel through the dark woods, because they were trying to get back to their families. That was a big task for a group of baby animals.

Marly the moose, Gary the grizzly bear, and Willow the wolf had to find their parents, but first they had to cross the gushing, powerful river. Willow and Gary hustled across the river as fast as they could and back onto the uneven rocks, but Marly trembled, "I'm scared." "Take it one step at a time," they cautioned him. His prudence paid off and he finally made it across.

Now, it was time to traverse the mountains that were taller than the ocean is deep. At least that's what they thought. Willow took the lead; the boys ambling behind her. They had to stop once in a while to help Marley out of the snow; his tall clumsy legs were always in the way. Then it was time to go through the dark Aspen woods.

They took the path. "It's dark in here," Gary whined cowardly. He ran back to the sun where he felt safe, "Go on without me," Gary dramatized. Marly and Willow rolled their eyes. They went back and helped him out. After the long walk, they made it out of the woods.

Then they saw their mommies and daddies. They ran yelling as loud as fire trucks to their families. "We had to cross the river, climb the mountains, and even trudge through the dark scary forest," they explained all at once. Well, I think I speak for all of us when I say, "You kids were so brave," they all nodded. "We made it because we all stuck together."


Grade 4

Matt was always very devoted to his job as a farmer, but Matt couldn’t stand it anymore, he was always working and never having any fun. He decided to call some of his friends over for a party but, he didn’t know if he should. When his friends got to his two floor home, more people arrived. Even though Matt didn’t know everyone he still partied with them! Matt, his friends, and their friends had a ton of fun during the party they danced the night and day away. Suddenly, Matt passed out because he hadn’t had any rest. Everyone crowded around him, he woke up and yelled “PARTY!!!!!!!” He ran outside and jumped on his car then started dancing, everyone had snapped back reality... except for Matt. They were very confused on what was going on in Matt’s head but, they continued to dance with him. Then, Matt stopped and shook his head as if awakening from a bad dream, looked around and then jumped off the car. No one wanted to stay and party anymore they had their fun now it was time to work again. Matt didn’t know what he had been doing on his car, but he did know he had to get to work. He had orders to fill and crops to pick and he knew that, along with the fact he wasn’t going to have another big party again for a long, long, long time.





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