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6th Grade

What's up lil peeps?  I’m your every day rocking red strawberry,and my name is Sam. You don't see peaches or watermelon like me. You can eat me raw, dip me in chocolate, you can even put me on pancakes and I will still taste great! You don't see a pear in a smoothie now do you?


Believe it or not I’m the healthiest fruit in the world! If you don't believe it look it up on the internet. The internet doesn't lie. You might think that the blueberry is the healthiest but I knock him out of the park compared to how healthy I am, you know he is the perfect size for a baseball.


I’m also a great source of vitamin C. Vitamin C gives you a great immune boost,  and you know what that means:  You're healthy. Being healthy doesn't always have to be blah and gross. Eating strawberries is great and very tasty!


There are many things strawberries do for you but the best of all is it fights cancer! Strawberries save lives! We also keep you skinny, and you know what that means. meow . Strawberries keep you attractive!


I am also a hybrid of two wild strawberries species so I'm extra tasty! Some people say wild strawberries taste better, but they’re the size of a raisen so they're not big enough to hold all the sweet juice. But regular strawberries are 10 times the size.



6th Grade

Hello Fellow food out there! My name’s Daniel the Dragon fruit. I’m one of the tastiest fruits around! Tangy is the way I am! Nice and Crunchy with a nice amount of juice. Slurrrrrrp.

I’m a Tropical fruit, I live in basically any tropical island and I am so healthy and I make everyone happy. I look like a roaring red and orange dragon. And man I’m noticeable to see and easy to eat all you have to do is cut me up into little squares and dig in!

I am packed full of vitamins and nutrients including vitamin C, D, and A. I can increase your digestive system by a lot, and help you live healthy and happily.

It’s pretty easy to pick me up, just go to your local market, pr if you’re lazy, just buy a couple of me online. you can tell if I’m ripe if I am pink and reddish.

So, Remember a tasty dragon is a good dragon. I am on the 25 best fruits in the country! So don’t forget to pick Daniel the dragon fruit as your new fruit of the year!




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