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Replies to This Discussion

Emily’s Bucket List - Grade 8

  1. Run a Marathon

  2. Play volleyball at MD

  3. Go boating with friends

  4. Play farm with my brothers

  5. Go to Tennessee on vacation

  6. Go to D.C. on vacation with my family

  7. Go to England with my friends

  8. Go to Mexico on my senior trip

  9. Run the Boston Marathon

  10. Someday become a Pharmacist

  11. Someday I will own a farm

  12. Have a big farm house

  13. Someday I will ride in a plane

  14. Drive a Ford Explore

  15. Have a Ranger to drive on my farm

  16. Go to Hawaii

  17. Ride a boat

  18. Meet the President

  19. Own a Mustang

  20. Get on I-Phone

Madison’s Bucket List - Grade 8

  1. Scuba dive

  2. Sky dive

  3. Meet Luke Bryan

  4. Kill a deer

  5. Buy a dirt bike

  6. Zip line

  7. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame

  8. Write/Record a song

  9. Meet Florida Georgia Line a second time

  10. Swim with sharks

  11. Visit the Bahamas

  12. Forgive

  13. Meet Cole Swindell

  14. Try out for softball at Mater Dei

  15. Buy a Chevy truck

  16. Buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle

  17. Visit the 9/11 memorial

  18. Win a trophy at a trap shoot

  19. Visit California

  20. Bungee jump

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