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Each year, the WritingFix website sponsors a Digital Photo Contest for students and teachers worldwide.  The goal is for students (and teachers) to share original digital  pictures that would inspire their classmates to want to write the "story behind a picture" or find the "poem in the image"

Click here to access WritingFix's Digital Photo Resource Page!


At right, you see the student-winning digital photograph from our 2012 contest.  It was taken by a high school student, Mirna, and sent in by her teacher, Mrs. Tovar.  You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.


If you use this photo in class as a writing prompt, and then have a student like what they're writing so much that they take their writing through the writing process, we want to see their published stories posted here!

Post no rough drafts...please.  We're looking for polished writing inspired by this photograph!  Final drafts of stories can be pasted or attached in the "Reply to This" box below.  If you do not see the "Reply to this" box below, it's a simple fix; look in the upper right-hand corner of this page for the "+Join Online Student Publishing" link and click on it.  That will allow you to 
post a story or poem inspired by this photo.


Very Important:  Teachers, please only share your students' first name and grade level with us when you post the writing on their behalf.  Do not post last names or school names, or the posts will be deleted.


Help us celebrate your writers.


--Corbett Harrison, WritingFix Webmaster

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