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Replies to This Discussion


          Do you like robins?  Would you like to hear a story about one?  Great!

          One day a beautiful robin was soaring through the sky.  She was going home to keep her eggs warm.  It was her very first clutch and she was determined to be a good mother.  On a warm spring day, Robin, the mother bird was out looking for food.  Somehow she got caught in a sudden storm!  Next thing she knew she had ended up in Maine!

          While Robin was finding her way home a little boy named Joseph discovered the eggs.  He thought that the mommy bird had lost her nest and eggs since it was so well hidden.  He should make a lost and found sign.  So he did and put it right behind the eggs.        

          Day after day Joseph looked after the eggs.  He even put straw and small blankets on them during the night so that they would be warm.  Robin hadn’t stopped flying, not even for a small break!  She desperately wanted to get back to her nest.  Finally, after such a long journey Robin made it back to her nest.  She plucked the lost and found sign out of the nest, then settled down to take a well-deserved nap.  When Joseph came to check on the eggs, he saw that they had been found.  “Yipee!”  “Horray!” “WooHoo!”, he cried.  Robin realized that he took care of her eggs while she was gone, so she sang him a thank you song.

          Robin and Joseph soon became best friends.  Joseph gave her worms and seeds.  Then Robin would use his hand as a perch and sing songs to him.  Also when the eggs finally hatched she let him hold ONE!!!  A befriended bird and human is just not natural!

Mother Bird

By: Audrey R. – 4th Grade

Mother Bird flies very far

Then wishes on a wishing star

To find her egg tonight

She prays until the morning light

Then what was lost is found

This was done by Soloman H. ,  who is a 4th grade ESL (English as a Second Language) student


The eggs were blue and they were on the tree.  There were three eggs, but no bird there.  There was a sign.  I wonder who will take care of the eggs?  It might be a dad bird or a person.  It might be a different bird like a black hawk that might take care of the eggs.  Maybe the eggs might crack.  Maybe the mom bird will get food for the baby birds because she knows that the eggs were hatching.  The babies were looking for their mother.  They were making sounds and now they are hungry.  What should they eat? Will they fly and find their own food?  The mom never came. 

Claire S.

6th grade

A poem


A poem by Isis, a 6th grade student

Lost and Found

-by Isis

Everything that is lost will once again be found,

and everything that you find will once again be lost,

Unless you’re perfect,

so the act of saying you’re perfect

makes you imperfect.

It’s like when you

find a beautiful cherry blossom tree

with its lovely pink blossoms slowly

falling around you,

but it’s always something wrong with it

like its overly long branches or how

it’s smaller than the other trees around it,

but as long as everything you find

you once again lose,

and everything you lose

you once again find

you will still be classified as a

normal person.


a poem by Billi, a 6th grade student


-by Billi

I was once lost, but then found

I was bound for greatness I never wanted

I’ve always endeavored

for the strife of life,

but why?

Diving in the pool of despair

seems to be my calling

sometimes I cry until my

eyes dry up….

My face is forever scarred

with shame and fear

so is the cost of being found

better than being lost

Lost But Never Found

By Katlyn, a 5th grade student


One day a dinosaur laid ten eggs, sadly only one survived. This dinosaur takes about  FOUR HUNDRED years to hatch! A bird laid an egg in the dinosaur’s nest and left it there.


The dinosaur egg was big and blue while the bird egg was small and grayish. Guess what? I am the dinosaur. I sat in my egg waiting, hoping, for sign, a sound or even a crack. Finally, CCCCRRRRAAAAAKKKKK and out I came. I take a minute to soak in all the light and the colors. Then I hear CCCRRRRAAAAAKKKKK. I thought to myself, am I completely out of my egg yet?


I look to my side and I see this cute little precious um… thingy. I am a Pterodactyl so I can speak bird. The thing told me we were in a bush and that she was a bird as well. “Tweet tweet.” As a baby bird would say. “I can’t believe you are with me.” I said.  “Yes I know, how could my mom be comfortable in this big thing with a giant egg as well?” she asked.


“Well, my name is Katlyn,” I said. “ Hi Katlyn, my name is Kayla ,” the baby bird said. The next few minutes we just sat there taking in everything the world has to offer. To break the silence I asked Kayla if she was hungry and she said, “Quite hungry actually. But we can’t just walk out there!” “Well why not, we can fly?” I asked sarcastically “ Do you know what is out there?” she said. “Um, adventures I think,” I said. Again we sat and thought then I offered to go and see what was out there, but she said she wanted to go with so I did not deny. We set out and guess what we found?  Go ahead guess!


We found out that we were in the forest so we were safe from those tall walking things that don’t have wings.  We hunted for food and we found a nice plant. We got tired and went back to the nest and slowly fell asleep.  The next morning I woke up and I was hungry so I went and found a nice plant and eat. I figured Kayla would be hungry so I took her some leaves. When I got back she was awake so I gave her the leaves. She said she could not eat the leaves and she eats worms. I told her that since it was her first time eating worms I would try them to. So we set out to look for some worms. We found 2 and we ate them. And let me tell you they weren’t half bad. Again we got tired and we took a nap.  So ever since we laid eyes on each other we were just like sisters!





I Found ‘It’
I found ‘It’
before you could
find ‘That’.

What is ‘That’?

I know what ‘That’
is because ‘It’
told me what ‘Itself’ was,
and you didn’t find
‘That’ before me, and ‘It’
told me not to
tell you what ‘That’ was.

Albert 5th grade

Lost & Found

By John, Grade 8

He stalked through the forest growling and spitting. The Fox was not a very nice animal.  He went around the forest trying to scam people. One time he dug a hole in a small hill and told the rabbits they could go live there if they paid him fifty shells (shells are like money in the forest). However, earlier that day he sold the hole to a family of weasels for the same cost. Another time he stole a toy from a baby moose. He promised to give it back for thirty shells but it turns out that he had sold it to someone else for twenty shells. All this scamming had made Fox the richest animal in the forest; that is until he meet the Wolf. Wolf is the best scammer in the forest.  He told Fox to invest all his shells in Wolf’s bank. Later that day he stole all of Fox’s shells. That’s why Fox is in such a bad mood.

Fox growled and snarled, he foamed and bit until he saw something, an abandoned birds nest with only a few eggs left in it. At first Fox just ignored it and continued on his rampage, but then he had an idea, a horrid, nasty, cruel, awful idea!!! “I could use this nest to scam others the way Wolf scammed me!” He laughed an evil laugh. 

The next day Fox put a lost and found sign in the nest. “I sure hope this works,” he said to himself.  But then as if hearing his desperate whispers a blue jay flew down and placed a watch in the nest. The Fox couldn’t believe his luck.  Quickly he ran up to it, took it, and then he went to see the Salamander. The Salamander is the go-to guy in the forest if you have something to sell.  Salay (as he is called) uses the items sold to him for decorations on his house.  Still Fox didn’t know if Salay would buy from him being such a notorious scammer. 

“Well, well if it isn’t the old cheat, Mr. Fox what do YOU want.” growled Salay. 

“Look, Salay I… found this watch laying in the forest.” started Fox “I don’t really need it so, uh, would you like it?” 

“I don’t see why I should buy it!” snapped Salay. “How do I know you aren’t trying to scam me!?!”

“Look,” growled Fox, “do you want the watch or not?” 

Reluctantly Salay bought the watch for twenty shells, “I can’t believe that worked,” thought Fox. “I’ll get all my shells back in no time.” 

For the next three weeks Fox took the stuff, sold the stuff, and got the shells. Unfortunately for Fox, Salay was beginning to wonder how Fox was getting all this stuff. Salay’s house was looking great, but for some reason Salay felt a strange guilt when he was talking to his best friend Beaver. 

“Hey Salay have you seen my watch around?” asked Beaver. “I lost it three weeks ago, it’s very important to me.” That’s when Salay realized Fox was stealing! 

Fox had been spending the shells on his now state-of-the-art tree home. The taxes were pretty high though. When Salay learned of this he started decreasing his spending to make it hard for Fox to pay his taxes. Little by little Fox ran out of money. Then Salay and Beaver told the whole forest of Fox’s huge scam, and the forest formed a mob and placed him in their first ever made court trial. He was found guilty for ALL of the scams he had pulled and placed in the forest first ever jail.  There Fox is to this day. At least he has Wolf to keep him company!  

Lost and Found Bird Nest

 By Katie, 8th Grade

I couldn’t believe I was going to be stuck in this horrid place for the entire summer! No television, video games, cell phone, or any other kids my age all because my parents thought I was mean to my baby sister.  

When I first arrived, the only thing I saw was the fields, miles and miles of fields. Instantly I knew this would be how I would spend my summer, roaming them, searching for something, anything, to make life here interesting.

“Joey, stop daydreaming and come here please. I need to show you to your bedroom and tell you everything you need to know while you are staying here with me,” my Grandmother said to me.

“Yes ma’am,” I politely answered, hoping maybe if I showed improvement immediately, I might be allowed to leave and go back to my house and friends. 

As we went upstairs, I saw out the window a tree that I somehow missed earlier with numerous amounts of birds flying around it.  

After breakfast the next day, I gloomily made my way outside to the tree where I decided that this is where I would be spending my summer, amid the nature and animals.  Later that day I noticed a lonely bird nest on my way back out to the tree. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a baby bird just sitting there, perhaps waiting for its mother to come and rescue it.  I made a decision that if it was still helplessly sitting there the next day, I would gather some worms for it and create a little home for it to grow up in. 

As expected, the next day the baby bird was still there, so I set myself off to go find some worms for it to eat. I returned a little later with a handful of worms and a miniscule bowl filled with water. I had made up my mind that this baby bird was going to be mine for the entire summer and nothing was allowed to happen to it. 

As the summer progressed, the bird slowly grew bigger; each day I gathered a new supply of worms for it to eat and refilled its water dish. My grandma was clueless about all this; she just thought I was,”enjoying all that the beautiful countryside has to offer and learning my lesson.”

On the last day of summer, I had to say good-bye to my grandmother and baby bird; the latter I had forget a connection with during this not so horrid summer. During my walk to the car, I noticed a bird doing wide circles with me. It landed on my shoulder and stayed there for a couple seconds before flying away. 

My grandmother died the next year and her house was sold. I never say my baby bird again, but that one summer taught me no matter how much you care for something, sometimes you need to leave it.  Everything has a purpose in the world, and that baby bird’s purpose was to teach me how to love and care for something.  

By Pranathi, a 4th grader:


Lost Eggs

One breezy day two lost eggs were shining in the beautiful garden of various colors of tulips.  The tulips whispered quietly among the eggs which were shivering.  When, lickety-split the different colored eggs broke open with a tweeting sounding like a violin.  The two birds looked up at the tulips.  These tulips laughed with joy. Both birds flew up as the tulips swayed left to right.  When the birds left they came back and stayed in the nest.  Then they lived happily ever after.

My Problem


I don’t know who thought my nest’s a lost and found,

I wish they could have used a box upon the ground.


Every time I tell my friends about my dilemma,

they chirp back,

“I’m  busy doing a renovation, so leave me alone will ‘ya!”


It’s not that I don’t want a perfect son or a daughter,

it’s just that they won’t have a father.


I hate this, trying to find that troublesome bird,

I’ll guess I’ll just wait  until that bird puts in a third!




                              The Bird (James)

    “Lost And Found”


                  While I walk through the woods

                             There’s silence all around

                              I look to see what could be found

                              I’m walking and seeing those green leaves shine

                              Next to a great o’ mighty pine.


                              So I climb up a tree higher and higher

                              For the best spring view I could ever admire

                              As I look down the branch of the unknown tree

                              I see a nest with eggs as lonely as me.


                              While looking around no parents were found

                             So I constructed a sign that said “lost and found”

                              The red words I wrote reflecting in my eyes

                               Maybe some day these birds will fly

                        Gazing happily at the nest not having a word to say

                               Crying because of how the blue eggs lay

                                Ready to go, I got an uneasy feeling

                             While leaving this nest, my heart wasn’t healing


                              At last came the robin parents chirping with joy

                               Now this was something I really enjoy

                    So as I’m going home dreaming of the eggs once more

                                I think of the soon being family of four.


By: Holly







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