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One stinky morning cheetah was slowly springing to his old almond brown car when he heard "CRASH"! You could see the excitement that filled his eye "A Lino!" cheetah said as he slid in. His driver said, "Do you really want to do this" as the driver hopped into the car. Then they came to a stop "Drop off!" The driver said the cheetah. He slowly zoomed out of the limo "Man I am bored," said cheetah. Then bouncing along a hound dog cam and said, "Are you crazy, you are going to get yourself hurt." cheetah said. "SO!" he was slouched and into the store he went. He was quickly going to the frog food when he met a frog named Sherman. As Sherman hopped to the flies he said " I thought I saw Taylor Swift," " I hope not". In the blink of an eye the frog was gone. The cheetah was done shopping. He was hopping to the car but a country dog came and said, "Your looking mighty fine today," then cheetah said, " Thanks, Bye" he said with a smile. Then all of his friends gather up and wet to the Holly Jolly party. He felt like a king. He dropped all his friends off at their houses. Then he went home and went to sleep. "shhhhh".
By Hayley
Hamster was sitting in his cage on a boring hot summer day when he got a crazy idea. He slid his tiny paw though the bars on his cage and unlocked the door. Hamster laugher to himself as he silently crept out of the cage. He scurried out of his master's room and into the carpeted hallway. "Yes, I'm free!" squeaked Hamster. He shot out the door onto the neatly mowed lawn. Suddenly he stopped. A pogo stick was propped up against the wall. "This is a good day for me!" said Hamster as he climbed on top. He started bouncing past the yard. His master was playing kickball with some of his friends. When he saw Hamster he yelled, "We've got to get him!" Htey started running after him. Hamster bounced down the sidewalk when he saw Cat, "Hello Cat!" " I bet you wish you could jump as high as me!" squealed Hamster. " I would rather have you in my mouth," growled Cat and she joined the boys in the chase. He bounced and bounced until he saw Rabbit. " Hi, Rabbit, even you can't jump as high as me!" shrieked Hamster. " Yes I can, I will prove it to you!" said Rabbit and he joined the chase. He hopped farther down then saw Dog. "Hey Dog, I bet AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Hamster. The pogo stick toppled over. "Oh no!" he yelled. His master's hands scooped him up and they walked home. "But I don't want to go home," Hamster whimplered looking back at the pogo stick. "I'm so hungry," Cat said sadly. "He's right, I can't jump as high as him," groaned Rabbit. Dog was on his back howling with laughter. "What's so funny?" asked Rabbit. "He fell off the pogo stick!" laughed Dog. All the animals rolled their eyes at Dog and went home.
By Allison

Ferret on a Party Bus

By Rilyn, Second Grade


It was a rainy day in Murfreesboro so my family went on a vacation to the city of Nashville.  They had to drive a party bus because there was not a lot of room in just a car.  We were almost to the city.  I was so excited that I started to jump around in my cage but I hit my head and fell down.  I stayed asleep the rest of the way.  Finally, we were at the city.  I shouted, Yay!  While my owners were renting a room I looked at the party bus with an evil eye and saw that the window was open.  I hurried up and opened my cage.  I snuck to the party bus and looked for the keys.  I found them under the seat and started it up.  I saw big buildings and shops everywhere I drove.  I passed by a little baby chiwawa.  The chiwawa thought that a ferret driving a party bus was crazy.  Then I zoomed by a manikin.  The manikin had a person behind it.  The person was like "What in the world!"  A bird on a sign saw me fly by and thought I was awesome.  Finally, all of the animals wanted to ride in my party bus. 

Dog on a Bike

By Grayson, Second Grade


It was a hot day at the Great Wall of China when a boy hopped off his bike to rest.  He left his bike at the end of the wall.  The big brown dog was walking along the Great Wall when he noticed the big red bike was laying at the end of the wall.  He got on the big red bike and did tricks on the wall.  The big orange fast fox saw the big dog and thought he could find a bike, too.  The fast dog zoomed past the lazy bear.  "That's crazy!" said bear.  Then dog rushed past a slow turtle.  The slow turtle said, "hello, dog."  Finally he got tired and put the bike back at the end of the wall before the fast boy came back for his bike. 

Gorilla on a Motorcycle

By Nyia, Second Grade


It was a sunny day at the zoo when a gorilla saw a blue and pink motorcycle propped against her cage.  Gorilla thought to herself that it was ok to ride it.  So she used the key in her cage that the owner dropped last week to open her cage.  She ran out and hopped on the blue and pink motorcycle and rode it to her owner's house.  The owner thought that the gorilla was funny and silly.  As she came back to the zoo she passed a zebra.  Zebra said, "Wow!"  Then she zoomed by a lion.  Lion said, "You sure are a funny gorilla!"  Finally, the gorilla put the fun motorcycle back against her cage before the zoo opened up. 




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