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 In the University of Norway's lab stood a dog and its female owner. The dog was a female chihuahua and the lady was a twenty-six year old mother. The woman was a student at the college and was getting "dog gyne" from her own pet. As she began pouring the liquid hygne into the sink, she spilt a tiny drop on her lunch on the counter. Though it was only a drop, that was all it took to take action and change the genetic makeup of the lady and the dog forever.

 When lunch time arrived, the woman grabbed her sandwich and headed for the campus cafeteria. When she took a bite of her deluxe sandwich, she noticed that something tasted funny. She looked at the meat, noticed it was bright orange, and quickly realized what had happened. Her stomach started feeling queezy, her head began to spin, and everything around her appeared blurry.

  She looked at her body. At first glance. she remained calm, but then she noticed that her dog was no longer cradled in her arms. She frantically grabbed out her make-up mirror from her purse and let out a high-pitch howl. She had the face of her black chihuahua: the sharp nose, green eyes, furry, pointy ears, and all the other features of her beloved dog. Instead of a mother holding her black chihuahua, she was now a "chimama."  

Logan, 6th grade (2010)


John, Jonah, Cooper

Third Grade

One dark dreadful day in Cheesetopia the Little Cheese was hosting a big Candy Eating Montest. Every mouse was there including Mayor Cheese Head, Smelly and Dwade. The smell of candy rose above the volcano of doom, which attracted THE THREE STOOGES! Then The Three Stooges roes out of the volcano of doom (The Three Stooges are Kat-Kong, Dogzilla and Pigzilla).


They tore into the city cheesetopia making furious noises. Finally they arrived at the Candy Eating Montest. Pigzilla scooped up the candy and swallowed it whole.


Then the Three Stooges split up to attack the city. Kat-Kong went to the yarn shop. Dogzilla attacked Mouseuem. Pigzilla raided Mousedonalds, Mouse In The Box and Kentucky Fried Mouse.

ALL OF THEM WERE DESTROYED!!!!! Mayor Cheese Head immediately demanded a Marmy Meeting. All the mice agreed to code yellow(Code yellow=Trap +bathtub=Run away). All the mice in the Marmy got in their positions for battle.


The Three Stooges Walked toward the Mayor Cheese Head. When they least expected a metal cage trapped them in the middle of the mazeway. The mazeway opened up and the Three Stooges dropped into a giant bathtub. The mice ran down the mazeway. The Marmy and citizens of Cheesetopia pushed the giant bathtub to the volcano of doom. The Three Stooges jumped out and raced to the middle of the volcano of doom. Dogzilla, Kat-Kong and Pigzilla NEVER RETURNED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But what they didn’t know was that three babies were BORN!


         This book has been rated TOO SILLY

 Some materials in this book maybe to silly for adults






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