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Replies to This Discussion

"I'm Tired of Cheesy Bread!" - by Sophia, 4th grade

In a land far, far away there was a town called Deliciousness. There was something different about that town because it never snowed snow, and it never rained rain. It rained, snowed and hailed food! Food always came down for breakfast, lunch and dinner--but one day it was different.

It was time for breakfast when suddenly red, juicy bacon blew in from the north. Shortly after that, scrumptious bagels burst from the clouds. Finally, there was a shower of delightful orange juice. The people rushed outside to catch the delicious food. After breakfast was over, the people went back inside, full.

Not too many hours later, lunch came along. Lots of green juicy pickles rolled in from the south. After that, there was a storm of crispy popcorn chicken. Lastly, there was a chewy burrito tornado. When the people went outside to catch the food, the tornado plopped a burrito on their plates as it went by. There was lots of leftovers, so the people took them inside--just in case they got hungry between meals.

Later, when it was time for dinner, a hurricane of crunchy nachos came from the west. Then a wind of spaghetti blew in. Suddenly, at the very end, there was a monsoon of tongue-tingling cheesy bread. It came down for days and days and it wouldn't stop. The town became flooded. The people had to leave the town of Deliciousness and no one ever came back.

Everyone sailed on the sea for days until they found land. It was different for them there because they had to grow their food. From that point on, everyone had to learn how to farm and harvest. But no one knew what happened to the town of Deliciousness.
Mt. Food
By: Henry I.
Grade 2

It was nine-fifteen, I went to check the report on the volcano Mt. Food. Anyway, let’s listen to the volcano reporter. “Hello, I’m Edward and according to this Richter scale reading, Mt. Food will erupt today. Everyone evacuate to the emergency planes.” I could tell it was true because a fireball hit our window and another went through the window! We got in the car and drove through stoplights because we had to and could. Finally we got to the emergency planes. We were all safe.
“Hello everyone, I’m Joe,” said the guy in the plane. “I have good news and bad news. The good news is we’ll be able to see Mt. Food erupt. The bad news is this flight is going to take four days.”
Four days later…. Finally we’re there. “Welcome to Food City,” said the mayor. “It’s a top secret city I created just in case of emergencies. So now you can claim a house and get a life.”
But something just didn’t feel right. That night I thought I heard the sky talk to me. I checked the weather. Bring your dining stuff outside, we’re going to have a drizzle of orange juice, hail of mouth watering toast, a storm of fizzy sunny side up eggs and a hurricane of pancakes. It was hard to believe that everything fell on my plate perfectly. Then all of a sudden it started snowing ice cream. We made ice cream men, had ice cream ball fights, and even made a year’s supply of sundaes. Of course I shared them all.
It was 11:00 after that I asked the sky for more food. We need fries, bacon, hot dogs, milk and carrots. An hour later it was noon and everything I asked for was in a loud thunderstorm. The bacon came in as lightening. It tasted nationally famous. Finally, there was a tsunami of Sunkist root beer floats. When the tsunami of pop and root beer was over the janitor had a lot of licking to do.

Sunny with a Chance of Bacon

By: Isabella N. 4th Grade

It was a humid July morning and I was listening intently to the news. “There will be some flavorful blueberry muffins” the reporter was saying. “And a small down pour of…” “Time for breakfast!” My mom hollered from downstairs. I sprang from my bed and ran to the kitchen, forgetting to shut off the T.V.  I grabbed my plate and sprinted outside.

The food in Sunny with a Chance of Bacon falls from the sky.  I looked up and saw scrambled egg clouds, pieces falling off two at a time. Crispy bacon strips came drifting down towards everyone’s plates. I could still hear it sizzling. Then a sticky blueberry muffin landed on my dish with a big plop!  Finally, a drizzle of sour orange juice came to wash it all down. I dove into my mouth-watering meal. It was delicious. I scooped up some more food and put it on a plate for my mom. My dad was at work, my sister was at gymnastics, and my mom was washing the dishes. It was just another typical day in Sunny with a Chance of Bacon. I was kind of bored, so I decided to go for a bike ride.

On my way back home, I wondered what would be for lunch. I was just parking my bike in the garage when I heard my mom calling me for lunch. I ran out of the garage. She was standing in front of the door with two plates and two cups; no forks or knives because usually our lunches are finger food. I took my dish and waited. A split second later, sub sandwiches started raining down towards the ground filled with sweet ham, fresh tomatoes, and crunchy lettuce. Then tangy barbeque chips came floating down. Finally, a massive chocolate milkshake hurricane came near us, and a swarm of people, including my mom and me, started running around frantically to catch the chocolaty liquid in our glasses.

After lunch my mom went to go pick up my sister from gymnastics, and then she was also going to pick up my dad, so I had the house to myself. I watched a little T.V and read some of a book. I was just about to start chapter 7 when my dad, mom and sister walked in the front door. I went down the stairs.  “When’s dinner?’ my dad asked. “I’m starving.” The radio said it would be coming soon,” my mom said. “Thank goodness!”  he replied. “I had three meetings today.”I think it’s coming now.”  I chimed in. My family looked at me skeptically. I burst open the back door and they followed me outside. We looked up and saw juicy steaks plummeting down. I dashed inside the house and came out with plates, glasses, and silverware. I handed them out to everyone, but my stubborn 4 year old sister refused to carry her things, so my mom had to do it. Then raw mini-carrot sticks and crunchy peas came hailing down. Fluffy rice clouds were starting to form, with bits falling off. Ranch dressing for the carrot sticks came down in a sleet storm, and then a downpour of grape juice to finish off the meal.

After our delectable dinner it was about 6:30 pm. My dad has his nose in his papers from work, mumbling words about marketing, and my mom was on the computer, as usual. My sister decided she wanted to practice somersaults in the dining room, and no sooner had she crashed into the table and broken two plates. What a riot she was. A couple hours later it was time for bed. I fluffed my pillow, put my 10,000 stuffed animals on my bed, (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I have a lot!)and lay down. As I fell asleep I wondered what it would be like if I lived in a town where our money fell from the sky…..   


By: Grace P. 5th Grade

          One morning I woke up in a fog. I just couldn’t shake off the sleep from the night before. I trudged downstairs and switched on the TV to look at the day’s forecast. The local weatherman on channel nine is my favorite. Meteorologist Walter McSneed always delivers the weather wearing a purple tuxedo, a green bow tie, and a red hat.  I love him because he is so serious, yet looks so silly.

He began in his humorless monotone about this morning’s weather. ‘’It’s shaping up to be quite a sweet-and-sour morning. Pancakes look to be forming in the west and from up north we are expecting a sticky front of maple syrup. Good news is that you’ll be able to wash it all down with the ice cold shower of orange juice we see forming on the radar with the pancakes.” At the first whiff of syrup, I ran outside with my cup and plate in hand.

            At noon my stomach started to rumble so I grabbed my cup and plate. I ran outside to see if the food had started. Yay! Fat, juicy hoagies were falling from the sky. They had red, juicy tomatoes, moist, pink turkey, bright yellow mustard, creamy mayonnaise, crisp lettuce, and melted cheese. After the hoagies, grapes began to plop down from the sky. The grapes were big and green. Some were sweet and some were sour. Next, an unexpected downpour of sprite was fizzy and sweet.

            Around dinnertime giant, medium rare steaks dropped from the sky. The steaks were thick, juicy, red and meaty. I gobbled up my piece of steak. I grabbed a bunch of rice that sprinkled on my plate. It was sticky and light, just the thing after a heavy steak. I glanced towards the sky, hoping for cupcakes for dessert. Gleefully, I spotted puffy, light cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles. The last batch of cupcakes had been missing sprinkles, which is where all the taste is, if you ask me. I ended the meal with a loud burp and happily wobbled inside.

            After I was ready for bed, I scampered down the stairs and flipped on the television to catch Walter McSneed on channel nine. “Tomorrow there is going to be a bacon-and-egg storm early, followed by hamburgers and fries.  There might be a shower of candy corn late.” Looks like tomorrow was going to be a good day. I’d better get some sleep.

"The Mystery Day," - By Dymon D,  6th grade

The Mystery Day


It was a very stormy night out and Jacob was on his way to bed. He stopped when he heard some thunder. He ran to the window and he saw something big in the sky! He ran into his parent’s room and screamed, “mommy, mommy, there is food in the sky!” His mom looked out the window and saw nothing there at all but the night sky. His mom said, “Stop playing and go to bed now!” He was sad his parents did not believe him. He knew he had seen that food! He looked out the window again. Still food was in the sky alright but this time it was a different food. There was spaghetti, Chinese food, pizza, ice cream and sweets. He ran back to this parent’s room and pulled them over to the window. There was so much food on the ground this time, his parents could finally see it! His parents ran outside, they were so happy because they knew they wouldn’t have to go grocery shopping for a year or two now. They were dancing around the food, and all of us were dancing around and singing, “Yippee! Yippee! We’ll never be hungry again!

"Candyopolis" - by Nijier S, 6th Grade


 Today, I woke up expecting a very bad day. I woke up and brushed my teeth and washed my face. I watched the eight o' clock news and it said, today it would be forty two degrees Fahrenheit, rainy and windy. So, after getting dressed and watching the news, I went outside but it wasn't raining, it was windy. I went and watched the news again. It kept saying that it will be raining but it wasn't!  So, I decided to check one more time outside. Not a second later, as soon as I looked up an "Airhead," candy hit me right in my face! It was raining "Airheads," and Butterfinger candy bars! The next day it started thundering, but candy was not dropping out of the sky anymore! This time it was "Cherry Blast Clear Fruit!" Everyone came out with buckets trying to catch every drop of the dried fruit! I checked the news again; the eight o'clock news did not understand it! They could only predict the weather and the rain. All that week, it rained different types of snacks and juices, fruits and just about any candy you can imagine. It was a magical week! The people in my town loved it!  Everyone had loads of snacks and other stuff. Then after that week everyone in town decided to change the name of our town to Candyopolis!



“How the Boy Built a Food Machine!” - By Iulian H, 6th Grade


One day a boy named, Tim was drawing something weird and when he looked at it closely it kind of resembled a “food machine!’ He decided he would create one. Tim took many years to build the machine. So one day he finally finished it and ended up using all the power in his house to power the machine, but it was ready to be tested. Tim typed “hamburgers and ice cream,” into the machines main screen. Then Tim went outside and he was shocked at what he saw!  Hamburgers and Ice Cream were flying high in the sky! Tim kept playing with the machine. He had to be careful, because he found if he typed in the wrong thing, then that is what showed up in the sky! One time he typed in the word, “Nails,” by accident and the sky was flooded with many sharp nails! After many years, people started to become interested in Tim’s machine and they wanted to buy it! They offered Tim Forty Million Dollars for his machine! So Tim took a few days to think about it. He started to think about what Forty Million dollars could buy, and thought, “Wow, that is a lot of money!” So after he thought about it he came back to the buyers and said,” ok, I made my choice! I will sell the machine!” So Tim got Forty Million dollars for his famous, “Food Machine!”

Foodville - By Emilia H, 6th Grade  


It was moving day and we were ready to leave to a place we had never heard of called, “Foodville!” It was weird name for a place like that and it had a population of Fifty Thousand! When we got there the city was huge and I could not wait to move in so we could start our day! Then suddenly pancakes started falling from the sky! We grabbed our plates and we ran outside and were surprised to see that everyone was outside! Next it was a short downpour of milk and syrup that drizzled on our plates and cups. Then at exactly one thirty, there was a hailstorm of mash potatoes, sizzling bacon and a flood of gravy! For desert came a cherry cheesecake with a hurricane of Kool-aide and coca cola! I was happier than a butterfly that just got its wings! Then it was dinner time and I was the first one outside to eat. Then around eight o’clock, it started snowing fluffy eggs with another downpour of pure apple juice. It was bedtime though, so when my mom left our rooms, I snuck downstairs and got some silverware and just stuck it out the window! After I was done eating, I shut the lights out and said, “This is where I belong!”

The Town of Foodtopia – By Sierra J, 6th Grade  


Day One

Dear Diary, my name is Anna Marie. I live in the town of Foodtopia with my mom, dad, and big sister, Annie. My town is different from all the other towns you have ever seen! Instead of it raining regular rain, it rains down food! Today I will show you a normal day inside my town of Foodtopia! So come on let’s explore my town!


A normal day inside my town starts with breakfast! Look! Here it comes now! It looks like we are having a tornado of eggs and crispy bacon. Here we have a thunderstorm of fluffy pancakes with golden syrup on top! Last but not least, we it looks like we are having a rain shower of chocolate milk!  Now, we will go see my school and where I live! We have to hurry though, it looks like in about an hour, and it is going to rain hot dogs in a minute! Oh! I guess I was wrong!  It is raining hot dogs, take cover! “Whew!” that was close, but I think we came out at the wrong time, because here comes a hurricane of ham and cheese sandwiches! We are so soaked! My mom is going to be so mad! We are going to get even more soaked, because here comes a rain shower of apple juice!  Finally it looks like the rain is stopping! We have to get back to my house right away now before mom comes home! Come on!


Day Two

Well, it is a new day and I have changed my clothes and I am ready to show you my school! Here it is, it is  Foodtopia Middle School. We only have three schools in our time, and ours is the biggest! Oh yes! It is approaching my favorite time of day at school! Dinner time! Today, we have “Italian Ready,” spaghetti and meatballs with buttery garlic bread sticks. We also have pizza with spicy pepperoni and cheese on it! For desert, we are having a chocolate – vanilla cake and sweet and frosty ice cream on the side! If you don’t want the cake, you can also wait for the New York Style Cheese cake to fall in the school yard. We’ll I see that my mom is here, I hope we can take the tour again some day. I will see you later.


The Magical Machine – By Rhazay S, 6th Grade


First, we woke up in the morning. It was raining pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Then when it was stormy outside it would storm hamburgers in ketchup and mustard. When it was snowing, it would snow ice cream for the kids outside! One time I even jumped into a full scoop of ice cream and it raining sprinkles and syrup and covered me. The ice cream was very good too! I also heard kids ask for something with lots and lots of sugar and something bittersweet. I decided to ask for a giant cobbler for everyone to eat!

“It was a Cool Summer Day,” – By Khariane G, 6th Grade 


It was a cool summer day when my sister and I walked outside. It was ten o’clock a.m. but we didn’t care, we just sat on the porch and it rained. It was really raining, but get this, it wasn’t any type of rain, it was “food rain!” Layla (my sister) was very elated to see crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, pancakes and apple juice rain down. It wasn’t over yet! Next came a sweet sticky tsunami, mmmmm! Shortly after came a downpour of juicy peaches. sweet berries, fresh cantaloupe, ripe grapes, and tart pineapple making a perfect fruit bowl! In about three hours, Layla was skipping home from the park with my mother, when all of a sudden a huge tornado of fish and chips, extra crisp came down! Next it rained tarter sauce! “Whoa! It tastes yummy!” Exclaimed Layla. It was eight thirty p.m. when Layla shouted, “It’s time for dinner!” My mother gathered three plates, spoons, cups, bowls, and straws. We set out the plates and suddenly there was a hurricane of chicken, hail of biscuits, a tornado of buttery mashed potatoes, a flood of baked potatoes and a salt and pepper windstorm! “Wow!” tasty!” Mom said. We ate for a while then I put out three bowls. Then Layla’s favorite part! Desert! There was a blizzard of vanilla ice cream and warm caramel. Layla looked up and said, “peanuts please!” We laughed because down came peanuts! Another day in Munchville!

Candy -Tropolis – By Kelly M. and Alyssa S, 6th Grade


Once upon a time, there was city named, Candy- Tropolis.  It was a “new island.” People moved there because it sounded like an interesting and exciting place to live! On the first day there it rained hamburgers and ice cold chocolate from the sea! On the second day, for breakfast it rained bacon and cooked eggs! When we were done with our breakfast we went to play in the park. When it was time for supper, it rained steak with some coca cola! Then we had to go home. I was playing with my Wii and my friend Dan came over. He told me that something was wrong with the sky! It was time for dinner but nothing was coming down! We went outside to see. Then I got out my “jet pack,” and went up to the sky. I saw a weird toy stuck in the clouds, looking like it was plugging a hole in the sky! So I took out an instrument and fixed the hole and food started falling down again! Everything went back to normal! I came back to the ground. Everyone thanked me for fixing the hole. My friend, Dan thanked me and he gave me a rose. I enjoyed my dinner which was chicken and mashed potatoes. For a drink, we had lemonade. Then it was time for bed and I was proud of myself for saving Candy – Tropolis!




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