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Tanner, Third Grader

Rule #1, 678: Color inside the lines.

Official Reason: It won't look good.

The truth, told by Tanner, a third grader. When you color outside the lines wax drips off the paper all gooey, and it grows into giant crayons! They will wait until you fall asleep. Then they will color all over you, but you won't feel it. When you wake up your family will be scared of you.

Then, the animal control will capture you, and put you in the zoo. Everybody will laugh. The next day you will turn into paper, and it will be like you never existed.
Grown-up Rule #1,423: Eat your Vegetables!

Official Reason: You stay healthy and grow stronger.

Real Reason: If you neglect your vegetables, they can turn into wild animals and attack you!

Have you ever had a pet bear?
If not, read on! It’s quite a scare.
The real truth, the whole truth, no “buts” and no “whys”,
I’ll tell you the truth, while your parents tell you lies.

When you eat your vegetables, you think, “Ew!”
Your parents say it’s good for you, which is quite true.
But that reason is definitely not real,
Let me tell you how parents really feel!

When you look at vegetables, they seem so dead,
But did you know that vegetables can shed?
When you neglect them, they come alive,
Like cheetahs that sprint, or dolphins that dive.

They grow and grow, until they become free,
That is, free to attack, you and me!
They can escape, and go into your neighbor’s house,
But you won’t hear them, they are as quiet as a mouse.

Your neighbor will soon find a nasty surprise,
He can’t get rid of them as much as he tries!
I know this girl, whose parents were trapped,
By bears and giraffes, who refuse to nap.

For when you want to tie them up by day,
You must wait till morning; it’s the only way!
To tie them up and ship them far,
By bus, by plane, by train, or by car.

So let’s keep those animals in the zoo,
Put the veggies in your mouth, and chew, chew, CHEW!!!

Grade 6

Grown Up Rule #678: Always Keep Your Clothes Hung Up

Official Reason: It keeps your closet neat and tidy

Real Reason: The Fashion Ferret takes them for her home

My name’s Detective Erin,

And I’ve come here to say

That parents really lie to you

All throughout the day.

I know you must be wondering

What this is all about

But what I’m about to tell you

Is sure to make you shout!

Your guardians always tell you,

To pick your laundry up.

They say it keeps your closet clean

And all that other stuff.

Like our first president,

I never tell a lie.

There is a real reason to pick it up,

And I will tell you why.

Ever misplace your favorite shirt,

And search throughout the house?

The creature that stole it,

Is related to a mouse.

Her name is Fashion Ferret,

Your clothes make up her nest.

While your parents make up excuses,

She takes them while you rest.

Wooly sweaters, skinny jeans,

And socks are some stolen things.

The rodent though, will always leave

When she hears a ring.

That is why your mom and dad

Keep their phone sound on at night.

The Fashion Ferret actually gives

Your parents quite a fright.

There’s no reason to be alarmed,

I just thought that kids should know

The truth that lies behind a lie

While your parents put on a sh0w

Little Flame

Rule Number: 213

Official Reason: Don’t put your laptop on a soft surface

Real Reason: It will get very hot and summon a little flame that will cause a lot of light when you are trying to sleep. Also it will follow you around and annoy you wherever you go.

My aunt always told me

My dear old, Aunt Lee

To never put your laptop on a soft surface

Like a couch or a carpet. I respond with “Oh gee!”

She must be nuts

Why does she worry so much

If I put my laptop on a soft surface

All that will happen is she will be nervous

She says it can cause a fire

“Are you kidding?” I’d inquire

The worst that can happen is I step on the wire

I think my Aunt Lee might be a liar

But then it all happened

I had no one to blame

The little ball of fire is what I now call flame

It whispers me things that make me feel shame

I can’t even sleep

I can’t even say a peep

Without the little flame just saying “Beep!”

All I do at night is try to count sheep

A bully, a bully is what he is

All of my friends have become his

Whenever I drink soda

He makes the can fizz

I hate him, I hate him

Please get out of my sight

As I type this he is starting a fight

I should have listened to my dear Aunt Lee

Now I am getting watched and can barely see

If only, if only Aunt Lee was still here

I would tell her that the flame disappeared

I finally woke up and it was only a dream

Now I’m at school and I am fully redeemed

I definitely learned my lesson

I hope you did too

Now I’m getting told by you know who

I think my mom mentioned that it was Great Aunt Sue.  

Gracen, 6th grader

Grown Up Rule # 14: Don't eat your boogers.

Official reason: it spreads germs,

but the real reason will make you squirm.

Are your ready to hear,

the grown up secrets that are quite queer?

Well here is the truth,

parents will be controlled by the youth.

When you choose to pick your nose,

you control your parents from their head to their toes.

Once long ago, this secret was found

Kids controlling their parents would soon be trouble-bound.

Life as kids knew it was going to change,

before kids' eyes things were getting strange.

Rules were in the past,

kids thought this would be a blast.

But what they didn't know,

was how wrong things were going to go!

With kids in charge,

troubles were getting large.

Parents decided they'd had enough,

into their mouths boogers they stuffed.

Sadly the kids' power was gone,

tomorrow a normal day would dawn.

Emma, 6th grader

Rule #44: Don't touch the windows.

Official Reason: It will smudge.

Real Reason: Your house will flood.

When you touch the windows with your grubby mitts covered in who-knows-what, the window is utterly disgusted and simply MUST take a bath. It is a known fact that windows are clumsy and forgetful, so the window will fall asleep in the bath and wake up with water sloshing all over the bathroom. The window will think it's a dream and go right back to sleep!

By the time you realize what's going on, your house will already be flooded. Not only that, it was once found that a single, dirty, sleepy window flooded an entire neighborhood! So, do yourself a favor, keep those hands away from the windows, unless you wanna go for a swim!!

Gavin, 6th grader

Grown-up Rule # 4,444: Don't play with your food.

Official Reason: It's disgusting.

Real Reason: Your food will come to life and go on a rampage throughout the city.

Now children, please don't fiddle with your food, just eat it. We can't go through another Foodasaurus attack. Oh, you didn't know about Foodasuarus did you? Well, it was a beautiful day outside when a family was having a picnic. But the kids wouldn't eat their food; they were just playing with it. Something happened, the food blinked, grew legs and waddled away.

That's not it, all of the food in the town square started to form Foodasuarus. Foodasaurus stated to gobble up people. We had to call the military. They launched a missle straight at Foodasuarus. Foodasaurus swallowed the missile but in a few minutes we heard a loud beeping and the missle detonated; food was splayed everywhere! That is why you don't play with your food!




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