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By A3a 2009-2010 School Year(20 girls from last year wrote this story as a group)

It was nine o’clock on Tuesday night and Lola was climbing a tree when a spark flew from her tail.
As the sparks from her tail flew off the tree she twisted her body and noticed that her tail was a red, flaming rocket. As Lola jumped frantically off the tree she zoomed up towards the night sky. Her first stop was Neptune. Lola starts coughing repeatedly while stumbling through the thick gassy mist. Suddenly she hears a gurgling noise and looks up and sees a multi-color giant alien. Lola hissed in terror when she noticed the colossal alien with a gas mask. Lola grabs the gas mask with her paws and carefully puts it securely on her furry face. She finally gasps for air and the alien rockets her to
Midnight, she lands on a broken surfboard just her size. The tsunami wave sweeps Lola onto shore. To celebrate her arrival she hula-dances. All of her excitement brings her face to face with a coconut tree, the coconut splits into two and she drinks the milk quickly. As she swiveled around her tail brushed against the rough, bark of the tree trunk. Her tail instantly burst into sparks and she shot towards the heavens and lands onto MGM Grand Hotel.
Lola has arrived at 2:30 am in Las Vegas, the gambling capital. She runs into an alley cat named Gilbert. This crazy cat takes Lola to the slot machines. She lands on three cherries and wins 1,000 dollars. Lola was excited that she won so she spent ½ her money on a suite with a hot tub and pool. Next, her tail got caught in the jets while relaxing in the hot tub. Lola got suctioned through the rusty pipes and roughly landed into the sewer. The muddy current pulled her though the rushing water and landed her in front of a ladder. As she hoisted herself up the ladder she crawled through the small, hole and was back in her backyard. As she scurried up the tree she landed on the exact same branch as before, “what a coincidence,” Lola said nonchantly.
Next Tuesday eleven o’clock the fridge was wide open and all the Swiss cheese was gone.

It was 8:00 PM Friday night and Annie, a blue whale, was swimming in the ocean and all of a sudden Annie saw two white, big fluffy wings grow out of her body.


At 10:30 PM Annie was lifted into the sky. She was heading towards a house. Annie knocked all of the houses down. A lady was in the house, she was scared and screamed and threw ice cream at Annie. Annie ate all the ice cream up. Annie loved how the ice cream tasted.


At 11:00 PM Annie flew so high. She went into space. She saw little green martians walking around Mars with yellow guns in their hands. She was so scared, so she flew away before they did any harm.


At 11:30 PM she fell to Earth and hit Australia and she played with the kangaroos. Then she saw the ocean and she found herself back home, safe and sound.


At 9:30 PM a boy left his grandma on a chair watching T.V. The boy came back at 10:30 PM and his grandma wasn't there.


By Susie

Third Grade

It was 8:55PM and all was quiet, except for the sound of a refriderator door opening. All of a sudden a square of cheddar cheese was gone.

Cheeseby was a mouse and she was eating cheddar cheese. After her first bite she shot up into the air on the cheese. And she was off to Australia! She landed with a thump. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a dingo lurking around the corner. Then a platypus pulled Cheeseby into a nearby stream.

"G'day mate," said the platypus. "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Pat."

"Hello, Pat," said Cheeseby. "By the way Cheesby, what are you?

"I'm a Platypus."

"But how do I get out of here?" asked Cheeseby.

"Ok you have to go to England then France and back to Chicago." exclaimed Pat the platypus.

"Thank you," said Cheeseby.

She was off to England. At about 11:30 Cheeseby got to England and flew into the castle of the Queen of England. Cheeseby just happened to know the Queen. So when Cheeseby came the Queen scooped her up and she gave Cheeseby some tea and crumpets. The Queen put Cheeseby down and Cheeseby noticed a dog. Cheeseby scampered over to the dog.

"How do I get out of here?"

"First, let me intorudce myself,"said the dog. "I'm Treats."

"Well I'm Cheeseby."

"Ok so you want to get out of here?"

"First, go to France, then go home."

"Thank you," said Cheeseby.

3:30 PM

Cheeseby landed in France. She landed by a petstore and went insdide. She saw a parakeet and said, "I'm Cheeseby what's your name?" But she remembered she was in France so they spoke French. But one of them didn't . She went to the poodle and asked, "How in the name of sweet Christmas do I get out of here?

"Well first of all I'm Pinky and you want to get out of here, correct?

"Yes," said Cheeseby.

"OK, go across the ocean and head back home."

"Thank you."

As she went across the ocean she remembered the piece of swiss cheese in her pocket. She ate it and saw in the clearning her house. She went full speed and beat the sun by five minutes. She landed through the window and went in her cozy mouse hole and drifted off to sleep.

Next Tuesday, 8:55 PM all the yarn was gone.

To be continued.......

By Eleanor

Third Grade




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