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Publish "Showing Riddles" Notebook Pages here!

If you've used our "Showing Nice Things without Ever Saying Nice" writer's notebook prompt at the WritingFix Website-- (mentor texts = Show; Don't Tell  by Josephine Nobisso and Live Writing by Ralph Fletcher.)


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--and you have up to three edited student samples to share with us, you can post them by copying and pasting them from your computer into our "Reply to This" box below; you may also add samples by adding them as uploaded attachments (like Word documents) to the box below.


Very Important:  Please only share your students' first names and grade level with us when you post.  Do not post last names or school names, or the posts will be deleted.


It's very motivating to publish top student work online!  There really is no better way to motivate your writers to work hard than sharing that you'll be publishing the top one, two, or three pieces of writing from your classroom at a famous website, like WritingFix.  Our lessons are accessed by thousands of educators annually (from across the globe), and they show the attached student samples to ten-of-thousands of their own learners.  Publishing at WritingFix is a guaranteed way to make your best writers a little more "famous."  At WritingFix, we aim to publish all students safely; you can read more about our publishing policy here.


Help us help you celebrate your writers!


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