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I just had the best morning creating/photographing/posting my teacher model for my "January Writer's Notebook Challenge," which I freely share at my website. It's based on ANAGRAMS, which I didn't realize were so much fun to create!

The new lesson: http://corbettharrison.com/GT/Elvis-Lives.htm

My kids became so interested in anagrams after they read "Rocket Boys" and discovered that the movie version of the book--"October Sky"--was an anagram of the memoir's title.

After finding the mentor text, "Elvis Lives!" by Jon Agee (check out the link to Amazon at the page where the lesson is), this lesson just fell together, and I know my kids are going to have as much fun toying with anagrams all next month!

Anyway, if you're a lover of language as I am, I thought you might enjoy reading how this lesson developed over the last month based on my students' interest in such a small thing as an anagram.


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