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Based on my wife's make-your-own-Writer's-Notebook-Bingo-Cards assignment that she posted here in our group a few months back, I have been creating a set of monthly Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards to use in the Fall.

I just posted September's card and the accompanying lesson referred to in its center space: http://corbettharrison.com/prewriting.htm#5

I'd love some feedback, if any of you writer's notebook friends are willing.


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I have to thank you for the idea of Writer's Bingo. 

You will be surprised to learn that I use an adaptation of your Writer's Bingo over here in Beijing China at a university.  I give my students blank bingo sheets, put the prompts on the board, and have them write in what they would like to write about.  That way it is writer's choice.  I collect the bingo sheets so that they forget where they put each item.  I only see the class once per week but I ask them to write in their notebooks everyday.  When they come to class, the first item of business is checking the bingo sheets I give back to them.  Prizes include chocolate, notebooks, pens, books and so forth.  We are very limited on books here -- usually the books are the first to go! How heartening to see a college student hug a new book they have chosen (even the young men!)




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