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SoI just discovered this great new book and am wondering if I happen to be the last person on earth to find it?  The title is Spilling Ink, by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter.  The authors describe it as their "how to book for kids who want to write".  As the writing teacher on my 6th grade team I am inspired by the entire text, but plan to use the first two chapters right away with my students.  With chapter subtitles such as "fancy equipment not required", "the blank piece of paper", and "making a mess", I am hoping to inspire my students with a light-heated approach to the notion of having writing class everyday, all week long, every marking period.  The writing in this book is humorous and just right for the middle-schooler.  Has anyone else ever used this book?

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No but am going to look for it.  Thanks
I read my sixth graders the section on "mental compost" as part of the introduction to their writer's notebooks.  It seemed to make good sense to them, and I will certainly do more with it.

I actually had one of my students share this book with me this year and am sharing the good dialogue suggestions with my students. You can get the book through Scholastic right now. I think it's available through the October TAB book club (7th grade +).




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