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Here's an open invitation to teachers using my Vocabulary Collecting resources to photograph and share your students' best "Vocabulary Showing Sentences."

As I explain to my wonderful students, a thoughtful "showing" sentence uses 1) the vocabulary word correctly, 2) uses three action verbs, and uses details to paint a visual picture in my mind.  I tell my students their "showing" sentences must give contextual clues that would help a classmate decipher their vocabulary word's meaning by reading these purposely-left hints from the writer.

If you have an awesome student-submitted "Showing Sentence," I invite you to post it here in the reply box below.  I hope to create an amazing online collection of Vocabulary-inspired Showing Sentences from all over the country...and world...with this invitation.  Please share.

If you don't see the "Reply to This" box below this posting, be sure you have clicked on the "+Join Vocabulary Collectors" link in the upper right-hand corner of this screen.  

I look forward to helping you celebrate your writers by having a place to post their showing sentences.  Please don't post last names, and please don't post any information about your students that might compromise their Internet safety.  THANKS in advance.

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Here, 8th grader Jacie wrote a beautiful showing sentence that leaves excellent context clues.

6th grader--Hannah (one of my Vocabulary Winners of the Week), always displays her new words with flair and pride.  She did a pretty good job with a showing sentence for a sixth grader too; they come to me from other classes where they over-use linking/to-be verbs, so I treat to help them understand the power of using vigorous verbs.

Sorry it's blurry, but 8th grader Jacie really understands a "showing" sentence in the way that I taught it: use three great action verbs to show a context for the word.  

6th grader Hannah is also showing me good "showing" skills as she provides a three-action verb sentence

Christina Terranova said: Kevin's 4-action verb showing sentence gives a full picture of the word distinctive with many context clues.

Christina Terranova said: Jenny had a fine showing sentence with a plethora of action verbs, she just needed some help identifying them for her word 'menagerie' from the book called Show off.

7th grader Lexxie wrote a nice, verb-packed SHOWING sentence for the word melancholy.   A lot of my kids are making their vocab collections on computers at home; this is a good example of one, followed by her recent entry with the word repugnant.

Elias (8th grade) added some interesting details to this showing sentence.  It made me laugh.

Tyler (7th grade) did a good job with his word epaulets.

Victoria (8th) wrote this showing sentence using lethargic.  




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