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G is for Googol by David Schwartz is an interesting math alphabet book.  Listing mathematical terms alphabetically, each page starts with the letter and the term, followed by an interesting description of what the term means, where it originated, and an everyday example.  The part I liked the best about this book is the use of humor throughout.  Each page has a funny story or picture related to the term.  My students loved the saracasm and the graphics, and commented that this book helps to make math fun.  It is perfect for middle school and high school students!


An activity that I recently started while using this book was to have students choose a term from the unit we were working on.  After reading several pages as examples, I let students select terms related to probability (terms that are often confused and interchanged).  They then did a draft of an alphabet page, related to their term.  My requirements were that the page had to have the letter and term, a definition in their own words, an example, a picture, and it had to be humorous.  Students did an excellent job on this!  I decided instead of making an alphabet book that I would post them around the room, like we see in elementary classrooms.  This way we can keep adding terms as we go through our units until we have at least one term for every letter in the alphabet.

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Laura, I added your teacher model to this review.  Nice work!






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