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10.  No hunting or gathering to acquire food.  Just make it myself with photosynthesis.

9.  Easy to live a "Green" lifestyle.  I am actually good for the earth because I take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

8.  Easy to just lounge around all day since I can't move from place to place

7.  Not as simple as those single cell life forms.  I have different types of cells with different functions.

6.  I have my own protection.  My cells are protected by cell walls.

5.  Oxygen production.  People like to keep me around to help clean their air.

4.  I can choose whether to live on land or at sea (although most of us do live on land).

3.  I can reproduce easily with just a simple seed.

2.  Variety.  I come in many different forms.

1.  No effort to produce energy.  I just need the sun to produce my own energy.

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