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April's Writing Lesson of the Month: Vocabulary Frenemies!

I just posted April's writing lesson of the month--Vocabulary Friends, Enemies, and Frenemies--, and once again, it's intended to be an inspiration for your students who are keeping writer's notebooks.  The idea here is creating a new technique for students to use while working in their writer's notebooks.

The lesson is inspired by J. Ruth Gendler's wonderful book of personified emotions and states of being: The Book of Qualities

If your students are inspired by Gendler's writing and create something in their writer's notebooks, we are seeking photos and scans of that writing that can be attached to a reply below this post.  Please only post students' first names when posting.  Thank you.

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Comment by Alexandra Grayson on July 10, 2017 at 2:30am

Writing is a complex subject to teach. 
In addition to understanding the structure of writing - grammar, main ideas, descriptions, etc., there is the notion of - wait for it - CONTEXT. If our students continue to attend schools where the curriculum is narrowed so that there is little time left for critical analysis of topics, understanding of situations as are related to history, culture, politics, etc., I as a care tutor and homework helper, don't see how our students will be able to write much that is meaningful; the writing will remain superficial.  
Another issue, this one from my English teacher friends, is that in order for students to write well, they have to do a lot of writing. *DUH* In order for students to do a lot writing, teachers have to assign writing, and they have to have the TIME to grade papers properly, which means putting in corrections, analyzing students' writing issues, and then teach follow-up strategies. With High School teachers having 150 or more students, who has the time to teach all this, especially when the students are coming to HS with only the fundamentals. So, context, inferences, critiques, original thought, complex sentences.....it all takes time. As long as the schools are being bogged down by focusing on basic skills and test, test, test, there will not be a lot of room left for quality writing.



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