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I took the Alpha Genre Writing activity and created an idea to get to know more deeply my students I've had more than one year.  

It is called Alpha Student--requires students to create an A-Z of their personal values, goals, and expectations about family, friends, school, life, etc...

Each Alpha Student response has to be in published fashion in their Writing Scrapbooks (Journals)  using 25 cent words they gathered last year.  I will attach the Guidelines and a student example to share.  It is a wonderful writing activity and gets the students thinking so creatively while applying their 25 cent vocabulary words in correct context.  Some of my students dug deep and I was very proud of them.  

As always--I modeled the activity and shared my published Alpha Teacher (which i haven't included on the blog).  Let me know if you'd like to see it.

Hope everyone enjoys! Thanks from Texas!  Julie Cypert


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