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New for the 2016-17 school year, we establish Mondays as Pun-Days (or Language Fun-Days!).  It's 5-10 minutes to start the week enjoying the language!

At our Teachers Pay Teachers site, we offer a month's worth of teacher-built slides, and then--after they are shown--students are invited to submit their best puns, riddles, and funny language-inspired observations through email so teachers can build their own sets of student-made Language-Fun slides.

At our website, we now offer this page of complimentary, complementary resources to help keep that  love of language alive in your classroom, if you use our slides and establish a routine.

Teachers:  If a student submits a particularly brilliant slide for Monday Pun-Day, you may attach it below this post in the rectangular, white window.  Please do not share any more than your student's first name or initials.

We hope to see your students puns soon!

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