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Why WritingFix should be saved...Reason #2

Click the image at left to directly link to WritingFix's Mentor Text Bibliography.  I admit it's a bit difficult to locate, but if you take your mouse and hover over the "WritingFix Info" tab on the blue navigation menu (which can be found on the left-hand side of every main screen at WritingFix), you'll see a link to the "Writing

Fix Bibliography." 

As we had teachers go through workshops and create mentor text-inspired lessons on their favorite books, and then posted some of those lessons, we slowly assembled this page.   It features not only every book that is cited at the website as a mentor text, but it also provides a link directly to the lesson that uses the book.

Here is a direct link you may want to bookmark: http://writingfix.com/about_us/books.htm

If you scan the lists by author or title and recognize a book from your own library, click on the "lesson link" to see how another teacher created a writing lesson for his/her students based on the mentor text's idea, structure, or written style.

We're attempting to save WritingFix until 2020!  Be sure to visit our donation page: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/save-writingfix-until-2020/x...  Any donation will help us pre-pay (at a discount) for the server space, the domain name, and the ning/blog.  Thanks in advance.

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